Angel Falls, Venezuela

The Tallest Waterfall in the Entire World

Angel falls - Wikipedia Commons

Angel falls – Wikipedia Commons

One of my favorite places in the entire world is Angel Falls, Venezuela. It is remarkable enough because it is the site of the tallest natural waterfall on the planet, but it is also a place of natural beauty. One amazing thing is that the waterfall was not even discovered until an aviator named Jimmy Angel happened upon it. To be fair, Mr. Angel was not actually the first person to see Angel Falls, but he was the first person to tell the outside world about it.

Jimmy Angel was actually looking for a bed of valuable ore, but he found the amazing treasure of this majestic waterfall instead. He went back to the site several times, and his ashes were scattered there after he passed away in 1960.

How Can You Visit Angel Falls, Venezuela?

If you would like to visit this area, you can fly into nearby airports and find local transportation to many area resorts and hotels. It is very difficult to reach the top of the waterfall, and most tourists take a river trip in order to reach the base of the falls. The jumgle around the river is mostly undisturbed, thick, and wild.  Professional climbers do try to climb the rocks to reach the top, but it is not a job for a regular tourist.

Maybe You Have Seen Angel Falls

You may have actually seen this amazing falls in movies without even realizing it. Or at least, you might have seen an animated version of it. It was featured in two Disney movies.

  • People who happened to see UP — an animated Disney film – might notice that these falls inspired some scenes in the movie. However, they were called Paradise Falls, not Angel Falls.
  • This site also makes another appearance in another Disney Film called Dinosaur.



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